Icon Remy Silky Weave

Icon Remy Silky Weave
Style Icon™ by Sleek, 100% Remy Hair - Perfection from root to tip, Luxurious and with high hair ration which gives you the maximum volume from top to tip. So if you consider yourself an Icon, someone the world should identify with, then Style Icon is the perfect product to boost that confidence. Silky and soft to touch, giving you the sleek look. This cutically aligned hair prides its self on three L's; Less tangle, Less shedding and Lond Lasting. If you're the type of woman that likes to make a statement with ease then Style Icon is your destination fullstop., this hair captivates as it moves seducing with its rich intensity of colour and lustre. It is the ultimate designer and suits for woman who appreciate quality.

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Remy hair is the highest quality human hair of all hair extension types. Silky and soft to touch giving you the sleek look. 

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